At EIMR, Results are beyond marks with :


Connect with your own flow, first as a student and then as an effective entrepreneur or professional

Here’s what we offer: 1. Self-Awareness 2. Leadership Skills 3. Personal Effectiveness 4. Overall wellbeing The center for self-integration supports you in exploring and expressing your authentic, entrepreneurial potential. You will be to integrate the core elements of every topic, with the essence of who you are, as an individual.


Empowering the Business of the Future

The Centre for Incubation aims to support and encourage aspiring entrepreneurs by mentoring, coaching, giving access to industry experts and networks, start-up funding and incubation support. It helps entrepreneurs bring their ideas to reality.

Here’s what we offer:

1. Innovative Environment
2. Collaborative Network
3. Validation & Refinement
4. Prototyping & Testing
5. Market Launch Assistance
6. Post-Course Support

EIMR’s Center of Incubation empowers you to “Transform your IDEAS into Thriving BUSINESSES.”


Empowering Students for Successful Startups.

The Centre for Business Consulting & Research at EIMR, is dedicated to supporting students not only during their studies but also for up to 9 months after their course ends.

Here’s what we offer:

1. Tailored Guidance
2. Industry-Driven Research
3. Access to Resources
4. Mentoring & Coaching
5. Continued Support

With the Centre for Business Consulting & Research, students have the best chance of success during their critical startup phase.


Empowering Students for Business Success

The Centre for Technology Consulting is here to support you during and up to 9 months after your course ends. Our mission is to guide and equip you with the latest technologies, automation, and strategies that are effective and economical for your critical business setup phase.

Here’s what we offer:

1. Help you stay Ahead of the Technology Curve
2. Customized Guidance for Your Business Setup
3. Cost-Effective Technological Solutions
4. Access to Industry Experts

The Centre for Technology Consultation empowers you with the latest technologies and expert guidance, enabling you to become a successful unicorn in the business world.


Empowering Students for Corporate Success with an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Benefit from the exceptional academic standards and industry relevance of EIMR, enhancing career prospects and gaining prestige in the job market.

Here’s what we offer:

1. Enhanced Career Prospects
2. Industry Connections
3. Customized Career Guidance
4. Professional Development Workshops

In summary, the EIMR Placement Cell empowers PGP in Management students with enhanced career prospects, industry connections, personalized guidance, exclusive job opportunities, internships, professional development, alumni support, continuous assistance, and a reputable institution backing their success.