About the founder

Deepakk Kummar


In a rapidly evolving Indian economy & vibrant startup landscape, EIMR stands as a catalyst for change. We empower aspiring, fresh, & seasoned Entrepreneurs, as well as second-generation business leaders, to unlock their potential & drive innovation. Our programs provide the knowledge, skills, & support needed to start sustainable & scalable businesses, scale existing ventures, or expand family-managed enterprises.

At EIMR, we believe in inspiring Entrepreneurship rather than simply teaching it. Our andragogy focuses on igniting passion, nurturing creativity, & instilling a resilient Entrepreneurial mindset in our participants. We foster an environment that encourages innovation, risk-taking, & strategic thinking, empowering individuals to seize opportunities & overcome challenges.

To ensure the highest level of quality & relevance, our programs are curated & delivered by Founders, CXOs, & Domain Experts who have first hand experience in building successful ventures. They bring their practical knowledge, industry insights, & real-world perspectives to the classroom, providing invaluable guidance & mentorship to our participants.

Our campus is a hub of Entrepreneurial energy, where you will connect with fellow participants, industry experts, & potential collaborators such as aspiring Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Mentors, Coach, Investors, & other key Stakeholders in the startup ecosystem.

Together, we fuel economic growth, job creation, & social progress. Join us in building a thriving ecosystem where dreams become reality, whether you aspire to launch your own venture or bring an Entrepreneurial Mindset to the corporate arena.

We Inspire & Empower you to make a difference & shape the future of business in India.