PGP in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Learning Outomes

Skills :

    • 1. Innovative thinking: The program aims to equip graduates with creative thinking to be innovative problem-solvers.
    • 2. Leadership skills: Students will develop leadership skills to guide their teams through challenges.
    • 3. Competitive Skills: Gain skills in strategic planning, execution, and project management for all types of businesses.
    • 4. Financial management skills: Students will gain financial and accounting expertise for informed business decision-making.
    • 5. Self-management: Students will develop self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and resilience for effective leadership and self-management.
    • 6. Interpersonal skills: Develop soft skills to shape organizational culture and drive innovation, including clear communication, teamwork, and leadership.

Knowledge :

    • 1. Core business knowledge: Learn about essential business functions such as marketing, finance, operations, accounting, and human resources.
    • 2. Industry and market knowledge: Learn about industry and market dynamics, including trends, challenges, and opportunities for businesses.
    • 3. Entrepreneurship and innovation: Learn about entrepreneurship trends, innovation, and best practices, including creating ideas and driving innovation.
    • 4. Leadership and management theories: Learn diverse leadership and management theories with practical implications, including transformational, situational, and contingency.
    • 5. Digital transformation: Learn about technology’s impact on business models and the latest digital tools and strategies for managing and growing businesses.
    • 6. Business strategy: Develop practical insights into creating and implementing effective business strategies.
General Competencies :
    • 1. Adaptability: Develop the ability to adapt to changing environments and leverage emerging opportunities.
    • 2. Cultural intelligence: Develop cultural sensitivity for globalized business.
    • 3. Ethical and social responsibility: Learn the importance of ethical and socially responsible business practices.
    • 4. Emotional Intelligence: Develop emotional intelligence capabilities, including self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, and empathy.
    • 5. Decision-making: Graduates will learn how to approach decisions with a strategic, long-term focus and develop decision-making capabilities.
    • 6. Networking and collaboration: Learn how to build and leverage networks, and develop collaborative relationships with stakeholders to advance business interests.