PGP in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Course Summary

PGP in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (PGP), an intensive program designed for driven individuals seeking to create and lead successful ventures. In this course, we aim to train aspiring Entrepreneurs and Corporate Enthusiasts to think like a Unicorn – to Dream Big and to strive for Greatness.

It is built on the core principles of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, with a focus on developing the mindset needed to succeed in the world of startups and disruptive businesses.

The course is curated & delivered by Founders, CXOs, and Industry Leaders who have demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and carved a niche for themselves in their respective industries. Our faculty brings in a wealth of experience and first-hand knowledge in Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Leadership.

Our PGP in Management with a Unicorn Mindset equips students with the skills and tools to lead successful ventures and create opportunities in a dynamic and ever-changing business landscape.

The course is relevant to both aspiring Entrepreneurs and business Leaders who are looking to cultivate their Entrepreneurial mindset and stay ahead of the curve.

At EIMR, you do not just learn what to do, but what not to do.