Praxis refers to the practical application of  Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes learned during the course. Through unique clubs, activities, and field trips, students have the opportunity to engage in real-world skill-building interventions that bridge the gap between what is learned during the course and its practical application. Such Praxis-based learning approaches enable students to be business-ready from Day 1.

CEO Shadowing

  Students can shadow experienced Entrepreneurs to learn about their work, including Problem-Solving, Teamwork, Innovation, Fundraising, and more.  

Startup Shadowing

Startup shadowing enables students to gain hands-on experience by working with a startup. This exercise helps students learn how a startup is built from scratch & students learn how to identify and prevent common roadblocks and pitfalls that cause startups to fail. Students will work side by side with the startup team to mitigate risks and improve the chances of the startup’s success.  

The SOBAR Club

 ‘School of Business Advertising & Reels’ SOBAR is our creative club designed to provide students a practical understanding of advertising strategies and their practical application. Through this club, our students will hone their Creative Skills, including Copywriting, Videography, and Video Editing, while working on real-world challenges. With mentor guidance, SOBAR is an opportunity for our students to create eye-catching reels, enabling them to stand out in a competitive job market.  

Unicorn Visit

This experience will differ from what students typically learn from industrial visits as students will visit, observe and learn from companies that are successful unicorns. They can also observe their business models, and Design Thinking, and get inspired to innovate!  

Startup Reboot

Competition to revive failed ventures, where students develop a plan of action to turn around a failed startup, and foster Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving skills while promoting Entrepreneurship. This may include developing new ideas for the startup or restructuring the existing operations.  


‘Entrepreneurial Leadership and Venture Acceleration Through Education’. EIMR’s annual fest aims to elevate the students’ skills and Knowledge and accelerate their journey towards becoming successful Entrepreneurs and Leaders through challenges, tasks and competitions.