Why do we exists ?

Based on the research we have identified top reasons why startups fail.


About 90% of startups fail.

Which is why our courses are designed to equip aspiring Entrepreneurs with the knowledge, skills, and mindset necessary to succeed


10% of startups fail within the first year.

Research shows that survival rates of Coached Entrepreneurs went from about 49% to 90% in 5 years.


Only 1% of startups evolve into a Unicorn

With EIMR's PGPM with a Unicorn Mindset, we aim at increasing this percentage.


About 72% of SME owners lack clarity about their skills.

At EIMR you will be exposed to real time challenges and problems. Solving them will enhance your leadership skills and know your strengths.


About 80% organizations are currently facing a leadership talent shortage

Join our institute to develop the leadership skills needed to address the talent shortage in organizations today


23% of the organizations cited lack of competency-based leadership development process.

We specialize in competency-based leadership development, ensuring our students develop strong leadership skills for success.


Ability to drive business growth defines a successful leader, say 23% of respondents.

At EIMR we help you build an Entrepreneurial mindset to upskill as an Intrapreneur & Entrepreneur

Our programme is designed to provide solutions