Role of Government Support in Nurturing Startup Ecosystem

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The startup ecosystem in India is growing to be one of the fastest and largest in the world. India has over 77,000 startups across the country with 2-3 new startups born every day. The facilities from the government of India for the development of the startup ecosystem, in the form of providing government support, access to capital, a growing talent pool, and a very supportive culture for entrepreneurship have brought wonderful changes in the ecosystem of the nation. India ranks as 3rd largest country in the world for the startup ecosystem. In 2023, India recognized 111 unicorns with a total valuation of $349.67 Bn. Out of the total number of unicorns, 45 unicorns have a total valuation of $102.30 Bn. This significant growth in the startup ecosystem is recognized across the world.

How the Indian Government Scheme Supports Indian Ecosystem

The government of India has many mechanisms to support the development of the ecosystem of startups such as providing schemes, low-interest loans, and tax incentives. The support provided includes:

  • Financial support: This type of support can be in the form of grants, loans, or tax incentives. The government has made schemes such as the SAMRIDH scheme, which aims to accelerate around 300 startups by providing them with investor connect, customer connect, and other opportunities like global expansion. Schemes like the Women Startup Program by Karnataka, She-Box by Haryana, and Women Entrepreneurs Hub by the government of Telangana are schemes for women to encourage them to bring forward their ideas and develop their organizations.

  • Regulatory support: The government provides regulatory support by streamlining the process and operating the business to attract more customers and investors. They also include red talks and guide compliance with various regulations. Awareness about the product or the organization is the key to the growth of the organization this is made essay with government support.

  • Tax incentives: By offering tax incentives or credits, the government reduces the financial burden and helps them to invest their capital in growth-related activities. This support has reduced the financial burden on the entrepreneurs, making it easier for them to focus on the organization’s development by bringing remarkable results for the country’s development.

  • Market access and export support: The government helps startups expand into new markets both domestically and internationally. They might negotiate agreements and terms to make it easier for startups to export their products, or to run programs that connect startups with foreign investors and customers. This has brought global recognition to their companies which promotes expanding the business and building a strong network across the world.

  • Mentorship, Training, and Access to Resources: The government introduces and conducts programs and events for entrepreneurs to get mentorship and training from industry experts. It helps entrepreneurs develop their skills, make connections in the industry with experienced leaders, and build a supportive network. The Indian government also helps entrepreneurs to access resources such as office space, technology, and networking opportunities which helps them improve their business.


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