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Startup Founders Program

EIMR’s startup founders program offers a real-world entrepreneurship experience, guiding you to transform Hidden ideas into Extraordinary startups of tomorrow. In this 12-month journey, you’ll validate and develop your business concept, gain insights from top coaches and mentors, and build a network with entrepreneurial peers. As an Entrepreneurship Institute, our program culminates in operational execution and funding strategies, including access to EIMR’s significant seed funding, setting the stage for your startup’s success
Develop the confidence you need:

Whether you’re in the conceptualization phase, developing an MVP, or steering an early-revenue startup, our program is tailored to your needs. Since 2011, our meticulously designed programs have provided entrepreneurs and professionals with assurance and a clear roadmap for their next actions. We offer invaluable feedback on pivotal decisions and connect you to a global network that fosters support for your growth.

Your journey

Our Program helps you focus on the most critical parameters of Business Creation sequentially to help you confidently launch your start-up or business.


Off Site Assignments

Product / Service Development

Off Site Assignments

Funding & Financing

Off Site Assignments

Operations & Scaling / Accounting & Taxation

Off Site Assignments

Entrepreneurship Immersion Program (EIP)

Live the Entrepreneurial Dream

Our Speakers, Coaches & Mentors

Redefine your STARTUP GAME with our GAME-CHANGING Mentors/Coaches.

Startup Founders Program Twin Edge

To make you THINK and ACT like an Entrepreneur, we give your learning journey 2 Key Advantages.
Access to

Business Support Functions

We are with you at every stage to give you tailored support for your startup journey & to address your business challenges.


Centre for
Tech Consulting

This function guides and equips you with the latest Technologies, Automation, and Strategies that are effective and economical for your critical business setup phase.


Centre for Business Consultation & Research

CBCR helps you network and manage every function of your business. This support centre helps you research and analyze business ecosystem.


Centre for Incubation

CFI offers support and guidance to your start-up through resources and services like co-working space, mentorship and initial seed funding opportunities to increase the success rate of your startup.


Centre for Self-Integration

CSI supports you in exploring and expressing your authentic, entrepreneurial potential. You will be able to integrate the core elements of every topic, with the essence of who you are, as an individual.

Access to

Growing ₹21 crore seed funding

Funding Partners

Best - Suited For

Our Startup founders program is tailored for serious founders and aspiring Entrepreneurs – not for job seekers.

Young Graduates

Graduate from any degree with business idea

Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Those with a Dream and Drive to create change in the world

Second Generation Entrepreneurs

Those who want to join and scale their family business

Working Professionals

Professionals from any discipline with an entrepreneurial zeal


Educational Expertise




MBA Courses

About us

Educesta Institute of Management & Research (EIMR) is the first-of-its-kind entrepreneurship institute in Bangalore, the vibrant startup capital of India. With end-to-end solutions exclusively designed for entrepreneurs of various stages and scales, EIMR has put together all the key elements required to build sustainable and scalable businesses under one roof. Poised to elevate the startup ecosystem by equipping founders with the tools they need, EIMR instills the entrepreneurial mindset that turns ideas into startup successes. The institute sets itself apart by offering programs meticulously curated and directly delivered by seasoned founders and corporate leaders, providing a unique learning experience that goes beyond traditional classroom settings. With a keen focus on practical insights and industry relevance, EIMR shapes aspiring entrepreneurs through a dynamic curriculum designed to reflect the latest practices in the marketplace. As a testament to its dedication, EIMR, with over 13 years of educational expertise, has successfully transformed countless lives, solidifying its position as a catalyst for innovation and excellence

360° Immersive Campus Tour


Application Process & Program Fee

₹1000 /- (inclusive of taxes)

* Application fee is fully refundable if you’re not selected for the Program.

Program Fee

INR 5,90,000

(EMI option available)

“Getting selected for our Program is hard because building a great business is harder.”


You will receive a certificate from EIMR on completing the course. This will entitle you to pitch your idea to investors who have partnered with the institute and gain access to up to Rs.21-crore seed funding.The focus of the program is on application of learning and the commercialization of ideas, with the ultimate goal of launching a startup. As such, the emphasis is on hands-on experience rather than a formal certification.

To access the Rs.21-crore seed funding, you must become an EIMR certified entrepreneur, which involves successfully completing the 12-month mentorship program offered by EIMR.

You need to successfully complete the 12-month mentorship program offered by EIMR to access the Rs.21-crore seed funding.
Trust in EIMR is grounded in our 13-year legacy in education, offering various MBA programs. We carefully planned our foray into the startup space six years ago, ensuring alignment with market demand and timing. Our decision to wait for the right moment reflects strategic thinking. With a seasoned management team boasting extensive business backgrounds, our credibility is further underscored. Its important to recognize that your entrepreneurial journey begins with trust—trust in us as your launchpad. If you are skeptical, consider this: just as you seek a first customer for your startup, trust in us is fundamental for building a foundation of credibility and success.
EIMR learning sessions are led by founders and CXOs, emphasizing best practices through discussions around real-world case studies. We avoid traditional, textbook-oriented classes in favor of skill and behavior enhancement. Application of learning is structured and mostly through templates and frameworks. Immersive learning includes close to real simulated experiences and actual application on campus and outside as well.

EIMR offers, as a part of the course, coaching and mentoring through four support functions: Centre for Self-Integration, Centre for Incubation, Centre for Business Consultation & Research, and Centre for Technology Consultation. This support extends up to 3 months post-completion of the course.

Participants have the opportunity to network with like-minded peers as well as founders and CXOs. EIMR’s collaborative environment, designed like a co-working space, encourages networking and may even lead to potential co-founder connections.
Unlike with online courses, the EIMR program is not just about knowledge acquisition but application along with demonstration of required skills and behaviours. Founders and CXOs who facilitate sessions, share real-world best practices, providing a unique learning experience. Additionally, our course includes personalized support and mentorship, a feature often lacking in online courses, contributing to a more comprehensive and impactful learning journey. You experience simulations and work on applying the learning to your idea(s) at every phase of the program.
We have those planned as part of the course.
Currently, we do not have a hostel on-site. However, we provide assistance in finding paying guest accommodation, particularly for those not from the city, to suit various budgetary requirements.

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