BCA + Data Science & Entrepreneurship

BCA + Data Science & Entrepreneurship program is designed for aspiring professionals seeking a comprehensive education in both computer applications and the cutting-edge fields of data science and entrepreneurship.
BCA + Data Science and Entrepreneurship

Program Overview

EIMR offers BCA + Data Science and Entrepreneurship program for students  to cater the twin objectives to budding professionals. One, to make students Industry ready from job point of view and two, to nurture the entrepreneurship skills & capabilities for fulfilling their dreams.  Our program focuses on Fundamentals, Applications, Data Science & AI, and Entrepreneurial Capabilities Enhancement. We follow a unique approach of application-based learning modules such as Internships, Projects, and Student forums.

Data Science and Entrepreneurship

Course Metrics

Our program gives you a head start into the new-age world of information technology. A seamless transition from a novice to a competent technology professional

Program Benefits:

Access to a 5 Business Support Functions


Centre for Incubation

Our mentors and coaches share support in nurturing a business idea in its nascent stage. Our scholars get expert guidance in setting up a viable business.


Centre for Tech Consulting

A cell that provides technical support for the operation. Inputs for integrating technology in a seamless manner in various functions of business. Design and software consulting that aid in meeting the ongoing challenges of a thriving organisation.


Centre for Business Consulting & Research

Ideas that are supported by data and research. This cell is the backbone of ensuring the market readiness of products. Forecasting future challenges and preparedness is their USP.


Centre for Self-Integration

A distinguished leader is created from their exemplary skill set, these skills are both personal as well as professional. CSI ensures that all our scholars are given a chance to be well-rounded leaders by giving them various platforms to test their mettle and hone their skills.


Centre for Professional Excellence(CPE)

This center aims at finding the best industry fit for our scholars. Spreading across multiple industries and titles. They also ensure our scholars are ready to meet the industry requirements and outperform in the selection procedure.

A growing ₹21 Crores seed fund

This growing 21 cr seed fund is poised to give our scholars a head-start in launching their business ideas. Each UG graduate has a prospect of gaining access to this fund by displaying competence and talent.

Funding Partners

Learn from Entrepreneurs & CXOs

Our scholars have the unique opportunity to interact with leading CXOs and Tech Leaders. We are a leading entrepreneurship institute in India and we take pride in adding elements of leadership even in technical and nontechnical roles and duties.

Experiential and Application Based Learning

EIMR aims to transform the program from a learning process to an application process. Our model of learning emphasizes the application of concepts where we focus on problem identification and solving.

Certification Programs

Excel Basics

Tableau for Visualization

Math for Machine Learning

R Programming

Social Media

Data Mining through Orange

OpenAI Basics

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing


Internet Of Things

Internet of Things

Data Science and Entrepreneurship

Career Path

Our industry graduates can choose from our portfolio of top recruiters to find a role that is a great fit or begin their entrepreneurial journey with their own market-ready products and services.

EIMR is proud of its industry associations. We have leading companies like Infosys, Wipro, TCS, Accenture, and others who hire our scholars for roles like data scientist, web developer, cyber security expert, etc. With a solid foundation in fundamentals, our scholars can also choose to pursue further academics with courses like MCA, MBA, etc in any of the world’s leading institutions The essential Entrepreneurship component of our program will make our scholars competent entrepreneurs who can launch their dream projects and stand a chance to access the 21cr and growing seed fund. 

Application Process & Program Fee

Program Fee

₹ 2,77,000 Per Year

(EMI option available)


EIMR has been a top choice for leading companies because we house a talent pool that has a solid foundation in data science and is versed in the current industry tech requirements. Our recruiters hence offer many exciting roles with lucrative packages
Thorough foundation of primary concepts like Java, C, Python, PHP, HTML, and XML. The additional benefits of the current tech requirement of Python and R languages, Statistical Analysis of Data, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence set our scholars apart from the crowd. Also you can get certification for
  • Excel Basics & VBA
  • Tableau for Visualization
  • Math for Machine Learning
  • R Programming
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Data Mining through Orange
  • OpenAI Basics
  • Data Analysis through SPSS
  • Spatial Analytics Ethics in Data Science
Identifying multiple facets of a tech product lifecycle and allocation of resources catered to each is a skill that can be gained via the program. Our scholars will be taught to gauge various aspects of business and make pre-emptive corrections for smooth functioning thus saving time and energy for the company
Our scholars will be given support during the course duration in the form of student support cells,each catered to a specific business function. The support built from the peer network is immense coupled with the CXO interactions and the seed fund our scholars are set up for success
A fresher placed through the placement process can expect a CTC of 4LPA – 8 LPA

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