Green Startups: How Green Startups Makes an Impact in India

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Green startups are business ventures founded by entrepreneurs who bring sustainable solutions to the environment organizations or companies that conduct themselves to minimize the harm to the environment. They aim to preserve the environment and solve the challenges in climatic conditions.

Growth of Green Startups in India

India has witnessed growth of 11 green startups in 2024 and many more to reach new heights in the coming years. The Indian government has recognized the importance of green startups and eco-friendly products. The Indian startup ecosystem is at the forefront of driving innovation and change toward a greener and sustainable future. India has seen a growing emphasis on sustainability and green business in recent times. Some key trends include:

Renewable energy:
India has become one of the top renewable energy markets in the world with an ambitious goal to reach 450 GW of renewable capacity by 2030. Many startups are providing innovative solar products and financing models to expand access to clean energy, making India rank 3rd worldwide for installed solar capacity. Ola Electric Vehicles and Ather Energy are companies with products on the concept of renewable energy that have seen a great rise in demand over the past years.

Social Entrepreneurship:
Indian startups increasingly adopt social impact models and incorporate social responsibility into their business practices. New companies like healthcare, education, financial inclusion, and women empowerment are emerging. Alex Husted, founder and CEO of Helpsy has set a good example of diving deeper into the issue, reducing, reusing, and recycling textiles and clothing to reduce the massive waste issue.

Impact of the Ideas on the Environment of India:

The ideas from the Green Startups have brought changes to the environment from climatic changes to the control of waste management, along with using renewable energy sources. The idea of reducing plastic by replacing it with jute bags has reduced lots of waste produced across the country. Usage of solar energy, geothermal energy, and biomass are very good examples of renewable energy through which there are lots of products and solutions designed to use renewable energy across the nation. The products designed by the green companies have helped the nation with control of climatic changes and reduce environmental pollution. One such idea is the origin of electric vehicles. The government of India favors green startups for helping in the environmental conditions but they come with the risk of adaptability by the people.

This risk can be reduced with the help of the startup founders program offered by the EIMR who help young entrepreneurs make a strong foundation and network with society, to bring forward their ideas on the green revolution with the right guidance from this Institute. Your idea of bringing changes to the environment through products or services is a great step towards the development of the country. Through EIMR, you can establish an organization of your own with the help of mentors and coaches who are experts in the field of business and entrepreneurship.

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